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Oct 12 '12

I don’t even know where to begin

Before the show//

We got to the venue around 4:00 pm and there was a big tour bus parked on the side that was being unloaded from and we found out it was CC’s but had no idea where they were and didn’t wanna leave the area in case they came out from somewhere. So we were sitting at a street corner across from the venue just waiting around and my bf glimpsed over and Ethan and Alice both came outside and we were freaking out but acting like we didn’t see them lol. Then Ethan came up to the fence and waved and said hey to us O_O So we went over and started talking to them and Ethan mentioned how we were there so early to see them and stuff. We talked to them for a bit and asked if they’d mind signing my bf’s CD and my Doe Deer vinyl and they were all about it! They walked right over to our car with us and signed our stuff and took photos with us and they were so sweet and nice and i couldn’t believe all of that had happened. I told Ethan we had met in Philly last year and he said he remembered us. And he asked if me and my bf were dating haha. Alice said something about us being cute. We also both gave Alice a big hug!

We were sitting outside the venue doors around 4:30 pm [we ordered a pizza and had it delivered to where we were sitting LOL] While we were sitting around outside CC started sound checking which was pretty cool because we got to hear some live previews. Then they sound checked what was basically an entire new track that they hadn’t played at any tour dates yet so we got real excited and figured they were going to play it that evening. 

During the show//



Wrath of God




Doe Deer

Alice Practice

Black Panther

Crimewave [different mix]



Not in Love

Encore 1

Vanished/Untrust Us/Crazy and awesome instrumental stuff


Yes No

Encore 2

Courtship Dating

CC opened with Plague and Wrath of God and it was all kinds of badass hearing those songs live, and in person for the first time. When we were in line for the show, up to the time doors opened there was hardly anyone in line so we weren’t sure what to expect with the crowd and how intense it was gonna be. It gotta pretty fucking crazy for a Nashville though. The venue was really cool because the stage was super low to the ground, like the top of the stage was at level with my knees. So Ethan and Alice were right in front of us the whole time! when we talked to them that afternoon my bf mentioned wed be up front and Alice said she’d look for us! I’m pretty sure she knew we were right there because almost every time she started crowd surfing she was climb up directly in front of us and it was fucking amazing. Alice was crowd surfing all over the place and was on top of us numerous times. I didn’t even give a shit that i was practically getting crushed at times. Half way through the set Alice handed my boyfriend one of her joints - which i clutched onto and saved, i’m never going to smoke it. I did try puffing on it once in case it was still lit which it wasn’t. My mouth and Alice’s mouth touched the same joint though <3 Smells like Alice had some good shit too haha. Her lipstick is on the joint! I’ll post a photo of it later. Funny coincidence is a friend of mine who we went to the show with also got one of Alice’s joints! We finally got to experience Alice spraying whiskey all over us which was amazing <3 They played a huge set and so many good songs, i was extra excited that they played Doe Deer, Intimate, and Yes No. Those are some of my favorite live songs. I even got my face bashed into the crowd barricade my a crowdsurfer [which was really high] so my face is bruised up and my glasses cracked but it was beyond worth it and even through all that i never dropped that joint. 

After the show//

Afterwards me and the couple friends we were waited out by the unloading area to hopefully catch them again. Basically just wanted to tell them how sick the show was and everything and we got one group shot with Alice and Ethan. I also really wanted to ask Ethan about what we had heard during that sound check. I asked him if they sound checked something that they didn’t play and he was really shocked that i heard it. I guess he figured no one was around and that the venue was more soundproof than it was. He asked me right away if i recorded it which i didn’t, and didn’t have any interest in doing. I’d never leak a song on them like that. He told me it was Sad Eyes. And so yeah Sad Eyes is super badass and you should all be excited and ready for it. It’s definitely single worthy, and that’s still like an understatement. 

Jun 11 '12

Anonymous asked:

how you met crystal castles?

I saw them with my bf in Philadelphia in March 2011, and while we were walking to the venue Ethan and Chris were on the opposite side of the street heading in the other direction and we were like ITFEGVRNIIBRIIEBYH holyFUCK and so we ran across and caught up to them, but after they walked into a shoe store for a min (hiding?). And then we chatted with them briefly but I was so dumbstruck that i couldn’t think of any of the things that i would have loved to ask Ethan about. and we were awkward and could barely make sentences heh. They were both really nice though and i got to see Ethan smile and he signed my tickets, and Chris personally gave me his drumsticks after the show. yeah. sorry about the length

Dec 16 '11

Anonymous asked:

have you met alice and ethan?

I met Ethan and Chris before their Philly show last year [2011], were walking to the venue and they caught our eyes on the opposite side of the street. We were pretty much in shock, we couldn’t believe they were right there.  We crossed as quickly as possible and couldn’t believe all the people walking past them were unphased. We went unto stalker mode since and my bf was like “hey are you Chris from crystal castles?” We SHOOK HANDS with each of them. Sorry getting excited all over again heh. And introduced ourselves, doubt they’d remember our names though. Ethan asked if were from around there and I mentioned I was from Nj and that my bf was from GA and that he came all the way up there to see me and two of their shows. Chris smiled a lot. We made some brief convo with Ethan, we were way too excited to ask any real questions, were all nervous and rambling… I forget how it came up but we ended up talking about their previous NYC show and the one coming up. And Ethan thought it was weird that it was some airplane hanger and too big of a place and that he liked the small, intimate setting of this Philly venue. We asked Ethan to sign our tickets, I handed them to him and he signed the extra one I was selling to some random fan, I made a comment about it and Ethan chuckled and smiled about it which made me happy.

We parted ways and headed to the venue. Right up front, got to stroke Alice’s leg and lick her sweat, show was really sick. At the very end of the show Chris ran down from the stage, right in front me, handed me his drumsticks and thanked me for coming out. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t think the night could have gotten any better before that happened. I left him a Facebook comment after we met though haha.

Mar 24 '11

Crystal Castles: 3-15-11 at The TLA, Chris Chartrand gave me the DRUMSTICKS AT THE END OF THE SHOW!!!